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Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working Quick and Easy Repair


When your ASUS computer keyboard unexpectedly stops operating, it may be irritating and disruptive. It can disrupt your workflow, preclude verbal exchange, and make easy responsibilities daunting. However, before you panic and rush to a restore save, there are several brief and smooth fixes you could try yourself to get your keyboard returned in working order. This manual will stroll you through these troubleshooting steps to help you clear up the “ASUS laptop keyboard not working” problem right away.

Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working;Troubleshooting Steps

Check for Physical Damage

Your keyboard may seem great at the start glance. However, a better inspection is crucial.

Look for loose or missing keys and signs of bodily damage like cracks or dents. Even a small obstruction can cause non-responsive keys.

Cleaning Your Keyboard Can Work Wonders.

Dust, crumbs, and particles can gather underneath the keys over time, causing them to malfunction. Use compressed air or a soft brush to softly dispose of those particles. For a deeper ease, recall using a specialised keyboard cleaning solution.

Restart the Laptop

A simple restart can regularly clear up software-associated problems that cause your keyboard to prevent operating.

Begin with a tender restart by clicking your Windows menu’s “Restart” option. This allows your operating device to refresh and reload all essential drivers.

If the soft restart does not work, carry out a tough restart. This may be performed by conserving down the energy button till the laptop turns off absolutely and then turning it lower back on. This more forceful reboot can clean any temporary system faults affecting your keyboard.

ASUS Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Update Keyboard Drivers

Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers may be a common cause of keyboard issues.

Access the Device Manager in Windows by right-clicking the “Start” button and deciding on “Device Manager.”

Under “Keyboards,” you’ll discover your computer’s keyboard. Right-click on it and pick out “Update driver.” Follow the on-display commands to search for and set up the brand-new drivers.

Check for Software Issues

Software conflicts can intrude along with your keyboard’s functionality.

Identify and uninstall any hooked-up software program that is probably inflicting problems. Specifically, look for 0.33-party keyboard utilities or machine utilities that can conflict with your keyboard’s normal operation.

It’s also an awesome idea to run a malware scan to make certain that a plague or malware isn’t always causing the issue. Malware can sometimes intrude on your device’s capability, including the keyboard.

Test the Keyboard in Safe Mode

Booting your PC into Safe Mode can assist you in deciding if the difficulty is associated with the 1/3-birthday party software program.

To get entry to Safe Mode, restart your PC and press the F8 key repeatedly before the Windows emblem appears. This will bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu, from which you may pick out “Safe Mode.”

In Safe Mode, check the keyboard to see if it features effectively. If it does, it’s in all likelihood that a 3rd-party software program or driving force is causing the issue.

External Keyboard Test

Connecting an outside USB keyboard can assist in diagnosing whether or not the hassle is along with your computer’s hardware or software program.

Plug in an external USB keyboard and take a look at it. If the outside keyboard works well, it suggests that the difficulty is probably with your pc’s built-in keyboard.

However, if the outside keyboard and the laptop keyboard have problems, it can suggest a software-related hassle that impacts all entry devices.

BIOS Settings

Accessing the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) can help verify that your keyboard settings are efficaciously configured at a hardware level.

To enter the BIOS, restart your laptop and press the suitable key in the course of startup (generally Del or F2). The key to access BIOS is commonly displayed in short on the startup display screen.

Inside the BIOS, navigate to the keyboard settings and ensure that they’re configured efficaciously. If any settings appear amiss, correct them as needed.

Advanced Troubleshooting

System Restore

If the above steps do not clear up the issue, you may try a device repair to the point where your keyboard is working effectively.

To create a restore point, type “Create a repair point” in the Windows search bar and pick it from the effects. In the System Properties window, click the “System Restore” button. Follow the on-display screen instructions to create a restore point.

After creating the restore factor, pick out “System Restore” once more, and this time, click “Next.” Choose a restore factor from a time when your keyboard began working successfully and follow the prompts to provoke the recovery technique.

Reinstalling the Operating System

Operating System Repair

As a remaining lodge, you may not forget to reinstall the running machine (OS). This can effectively remedy software-associated keyboard troubles but must be approached with warning because it will erase your facts.

Before reinstalling the OS, make sure to return all your important documents to an outside garage device or cloud provider.

You can perform an OS reinstallation by using a Windows set-up disc or USB drive. Boot your PC from the installation media, follow the on-display prompts, and pick out the option to reinstall the OS. Make sure to select the “Custom” set-up option to maintain your private documents.

Hardware Inspection

Checking Keyboard Connections

If the keyboard problem persists even after trying advanced troubleshooting steps, it is probably a hardware difficulty.

Carefully open your laptop to get right of entry to the keyboard’s connection to the motherboard. Ensure the cable is securely connected. If it seems broken, recall changing it.

Replacing the Keyboard Hardware

If you observe a hardware problem and are snug with laptop repairs, you can update the keyboard yourself.

Obtain a substitute keyboard designed in your specific ASUS laptop model. You can typically locate alternative keyboards online or via legal ASUS component providers.

Follow a step-by-step guide or academic in your PC version to ensure a safe and successful alternative. Be positive to turn the electricity off and disconnect your PC from any power source before attempting any hardware replacement.

Seeking Professional Help

In some cases, it is satisfactory to seek expert assistance, especially in case you’re uncomfortable with hardware-related responsibilities or in case your PC continues to be beneath guarantee.

If you’re unsure about performing hardware-related duties like replacing the keyboard, it’s more secure to go away it to experts.

When your laptop is under assurance, attempting maintenance, you may additionally void the assurance. Contact ASUS customer service for steerage and potential assurance-protected upkeep.

If the issue persists in spite of following all troubleshooting steps, it may indicate a deeper hardware problem that calls for the expertise of a technician. Consider taking your laptop to a local pc restore keep for a thorough evaluation and potential repairs.


Resolving the “ASUS laptop keyboard not working” problem can also require a little persistence and troubleshooting. However, it’s regularly possible to repair your keyboard’s functionality without professional help. By systematically following these troubleshooting steps, from checking for physical damage to advanced answers like machine restores and hardware inspections, you grow your probability of having your keyboard lower back in working order. Remember to back up your statistics earlier than trying any important modifications to your gadget, and don’t hesitate to seek expert help whilst vital. A functional keyboard is important for green laptop use, and with the proper steps, you may regularly solve the trouble and restore everyday functionality in your ASUS computer’s keyboard.

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