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How to Charge Macbook Pro Without Charger: Complete Detail

The sinking feeling of seeing your MacBook Pro’s battery dwindling to critical levels, especially when your charger is mysteriously absent, is an all-too-relatable experience. How to charge macbook pro without charger however, fret not, as this comprehensive guide is designed to be your beacon of hope in such distressing moments. We are set to embark on an exploration of a myriad of clever tricks and alternatives, ingeniously crafted to revive your MacBook Pro even in the absence of its traditional charger. 

Whether you find yourself immersed in a collaborative workspace, navigating the open road, or seeking refuge in a public space, the practical solutions outlined here will serve as your arsenal, ensuring that your MacBook Pro remains powered up and ready for action in the face of unexpected battery woes. So, let’s dive into the wealth of information and creative strategies that will empower you to conquer the challenge of how to charge macbook air without charger.

how to charge macbook pro without charger
how to charge macbook pro without charger

How to Charge Macbook Pro Without Charger Use a Usb-C Power Bank

One of the most helpful ways of charging your MacBook Genius without a charger is by using a USB-C power bank. How to charge macbook pro without charger these versatile power banks are outfitted with USB-C ports, explicitly intended for similarity with more up to date MacBook Genius models. To charge your gadget in a hurry, just interface your MacBook Master to the power bank utilizing a USB-C to USB-C link.

Leverage Another MacBook:

If you find yourself fortunate enough to have access to another MacBook with a compatible charger. This presents a quick and easy solution. How to charge macbook without charger.   Connect the USB-C charger from the other MacBook to your device, and watch as your MacBook Pro begins charging. This proves particularly handy in shared workspaces or when you’re in the company of friends.

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How to Charge Macbook Pro Without Charger  Find a Usb-C Outlet

Keep an eye out for USB-C outlets in public spaces or shared charging stations. Many modern public charging stations are equipped with USB-C ports, providing a viable charging option for your MacBook Pro. While the charging speed may vary, this option proves reliable when you’re in a pinch and without your charger.

Car Charger with USB-C

Out and about and needing a charge? A vehicle charger with a USB-C port can be a genuine lifeline. Interface your MacBook Star utilizing a USB-C to USB-C link, permitting you to charge your gadget while voyaging. This choice is particularly important for experts who habitually wind up progressing.

Use an External Monitor

How to charge macbook pro without charger certain outside screens accompany USB-C ports intended for charging. Interface your MacBook Expert to the screen utilizing a USB-C link, and let the screen give the vital capacity to your PC. This ends up being a convenient arrangement, particularly in the event that you have an outside show accessible and need to at the same time charge your MacBook Expert.

Charge with a Wireless Charger

For those with a remote charging cushion that upholds Qi charging. You can utilize it to remotely charge your MacBook Genius. While this strategy may not match the speed of a customary charger, it offers a helpful choice when you don’t approach a wired charger. Essentially put your MacBook Star on the remote charging cushion and allow it to recharge the battery.

how to charge macbook pro without charger
how to charge macbook pro without charger

FAQs on How to Charge Macbook Pro Without Charger

Can I charge my MacBook Pro using another laptop’s USB port?

In most cases, charging your MacBook Pro from another laptop’s USB port is not feasible. The USB ports on laptops usually provide insufficient power to charge a MacBook Pro.

Is it conceivable to charge my MacBook Expert utilizing a power bank?

Indeed, it is feasible to charge your MacBook. Genius utilizing a power bank, however it requires a power save money with a USB-C. MagSafe connector that upholds the influence necessities of your MacBook. Standard USB power banks probably won’t give sufficient power.

Could I at any point accuse my MacBook Ace of an iPad charger?

While you can utilize an iPad charger with a USB-C connector to charge a MacBook Ace, it may not charge as fast as the first charger. Ensure the wattage of the iPad charger is adequate for your MacBook Genius.

Is remote charging a possibility for MacBook Ace?

Beginning around my last data update in January 2022, MacBook Virtuoso doesn’t maintain remote charging. Persistently insinuate the latest information or Apple’s actual documentation for any reports on this.

Might I anytime use a USB-C to USB-A connect to charge my MacBook Dominate from a standard USB port?

Charging your MacBook Star from a standard USB port utilizing a USB-C to USB-A link is for the most part not suggested. USB-A ports may not give sufficient capacity to productive charging.

Are there outsider chargers that work with MacBook Star?

Utilizing outsider chargers is conceivable, however it’s fundamental to pick a trustworthy brand that meets Mac’s particulars for your MacBook Star model. Utilizing bad quality chargers might harm your PC or result in more slow charging.

Might I at any point charge my MacBook Expert utilizing a vehicle charger?

Some vehicle chargers with a USB-C connector are equipe for charging your MacBook. Genius, however it’s pivotal to check the power yield and guarantee it meets the MacBook’s necessities.

How would it be a good idea for me to respond in the event that I’ve lost my MacBook Master charger?

In the event that you’ve lost your unique charger, it’s prescribed to buy another. One from Apple or an approved Apple affiliate to guarantee similarity and wellbeing.


While it’s generally ideal to convey your MacBook Expert charger with you, these elective strategies can be genuine lifelines in circumstances where you wind up without it. Whether you’re in a common work area, out and about, or in a public space, these clever fixes guarantee that your MacBook Expert stays charged and prepared for use. 


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