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How to Charge Macbook Air Without Charger? | Easy Methods


So, you’ve got determined yourself in a Little Bit of trouble. Your MacBook Air is Low To Battery, and you can not find your charger. Don’t Worry About it! We’ve got a few opportunity techniques for “How to charge MacBook Air without charger?”

. But remember, those are just transient fixes. Always use your reliable Apple charger while you can.

Table of Contents

  • Using a Universal Charger
  • Charging via USB-C from Another Device
  • Utilizing an External Battery Pack
  • Car Charger Method
  • Emergency Charging with a DIY Setup
  • FAQs

Absolutely, let’s wreck down those two methods for charging your MacBook Air without its official charger. We’ll go into the nitty-gritty details so you can understand how each method works and what to look out for.

Using a Universal Charger

How to charge MacBook Air without charger?
Using A Universal Charger to Charge A Macbook


  • Universal Laptop Charger: This is a charger designed to work with a couple of sorts of laptops, not just MacBooks. It commonly comes with quite a few pointers to, in shape, extraordinary charging ports.


  • Find the Right Tip: Universal chargers generally include a hard and fast of interchangeable guidelines. You’ll want to sift via those to find the one that suits snugly into your MacBook Air’s charging port. A loose or sick-becoming tip can lead to negative charging or maybe harm.
  • Plug It In Once you’ve determined the proper tip, insert it into your MacBook Air’s charging port. Make sure it’s securely in the region.
  • Power Up: Plug the well-known charger into an electrical outlet. Most ordinary chargers have an LED mild to signify they’re powered on.
  • Monitor: This is critical. Keep an eye out for your MacBook Air’s battery icon to ensure it is, in reality, charging. If you see any irregularities like overheating or erratic charging speeds, unplug it without delay.


Universal chargers are a jack-of-all-trades but a grasp of none. They may be less dependable and may not charge your MacBook as quick because of the reputable charger. Always use them as a temporary solution and no longer a long-term restore. 

Charging Through USB-C From Another Device

How to charge macbook air without magnetic charger? or how to charge macbook pro without magnetic charger? By following htis method you can easily charge your Mac without a charger Whether its a Macbook pro or MacBook Air:


  • Another USB-C Device: This will be some other laptop, a pill, or maybe a few smartphones. The key is that it must have a USB-C port.
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable: This is a cable with a USB-C connector on each end. It’s used to connect two USB-C devices together.


  • Connect Both Devices: Use the USB-C to USB-C cable to hyperlink your MacBook Air and the alternative device. Make sure both ends are securely linked.
  • Enable Charging: On the tool you’re using to fix your MacBook, move into the settings menu. Look for an alternative that allows the tool to charge other linked devices. This putting varies depending on the device, so you may need to do a little digging.
  • Check: Once you’ve enabled charging from the other tool, have a look at your MacBook Air’s battery icon. It should display the charging symbol, usually a lightning bolt, to suggest that it’s receiving strength.

Heads Up:

This method will drain the battery of the device you are using to rate your MacBook Air. Make sure you’re okay with that, specifically if the alternative device additionally has a low battery.

Utilizing an External Battery Pack

How to charge a macbook air without a charger?  By following this method you can easily charge your Mac without charger:


  • External Battery Pack with USB-C Output: This is a portable battery that you can carry around. It should have a USB-C output that is the same sort of hollow your MacBook Air uses for charging.
  • USB-C Cable: This is the cable that could connect your MacBook Air to the outside battery %.

Steps Explained:

  • Connect: Take your USB-C cable and plug one give into your MacBook Air and the alternative end into the external battery percent. Make sure each end is securely related.
  • Turn On: Most external battery packs have an electricity button. Press it to start the charging system.
  • Monitor: Look at your MacBook Air’s display screen and find the battery icon. It has to display a charging symbol, usually a lightning bolt, to indicate it is getting power.


Choose a battery with a high mAh (milliampere-hour) rating. The better the mAh, the longer it is able to price your MacBook Air.

Car Charger Method

Charging a MacBook With Car

What You’ll Need:

  • Car with a USB or Electrical Outlet: Your automobile ought to have either a USB port or a normal electrical outlet.
  • Car Charger with a Compatible Tip or USB-C Cable: This is a charger designed to be used in a car. It needs to have a tip that fits your MacBook Air or a USB-C cable.

Steps Explained:

  • Plug-In: Take the automobile charger and plug it into your vehicle’s USB port or electrical outlet.
  • Connect: Now, connect your MacBook Air to the car charger with the use of both the like-minded tip and the USB-C cable.
  • Start the Car: Turn to your vehicle’s engine. This will provide the strength to rate your MacBook Air.
  • Monitor: Keep an eye on your MacBook Air’s battery icon to make certain it is charging. If you notice any troubles, like overheating, unplug it right now.


Never depart your MacBook Air in a hot vehicle while it is charging. High temperatures can harm the battery and different inner additives.

Emergency Charging With a DIY Setup


9V Battery: This is a trendy 9-volt battery that you could find in most shops.

Car Charger Adapter: This is an adapter that generally plugs into an automobile’s cigarette lighter to fix devices. It has to have a USB port or a tip compatible with your MacBook Air.

Electrical Wires: These are standard wires that you will use to connect the 9V battery to the automobile charger adapter.

Steps Explained:

Prepare: First, you will want to strip the ends of the electrical wires to show the metallic interior. Then, connect one end of every wire to the terminals on the 9V battery. Usually, one terminal is marked “+” (high quality) and the alternative “-” (negative).

Connect: Now, take the alternative ends of the wires and fix them to the automobile charger adapter. Please make certain you connect them to the proper entry points, usually marked similarly to the battery terminals.

Plug In: Once the wires are securely connected, plug your MacBook Air into the auto charger adapter for the usage of either a compatible tip or a USB-C cable.

Monitor: This is important. Keep a very near eye on this setup. Look at your MacBook Air’s battery icon to make sure it is charging. If you observe anything uncommon, like overheating or atypical noises, disconnect the whole lot at once.


This is an unstable method and has to most effectively be used as a closing inn. There’s a chance of electrical short-circuits or even unfavourable your MacBook Air. Exercise severe warning while trying this DIY approach.

You can Use Youtube Methods For Charging


Is it secure to charge MacBook with USB?

The capability to fee a MacBook with a like minded USB-C telephone charger for Android has been a sport changer for a number of Apple customers. This technique will take longer, since the wattage of the phone charger in all likelihood won’t be sufficient to do the job fast, however it’s going to get your Mac laptop to a full battery finally.

Can you rate a laptop via a USB port?

Long tale brief, you cannot charge your pc with USB Type A, but you can charge your pc with USB-C

Is it secure to rate MacBook Air with energy bank?

If your Power Bank has a output for 14.Five Volts (DC) then sure, you may use it with magsafe plug. But not if it has output of 5 Volt (usual output). There are methods to do it, however could require five-15 Volt converter together with USB to magsafe cable and plug. There also are vehicle chargers in your MacBook.

How to soundly charge a MacBook Air?

To price the battery on MacBook Air with M1 chip, use either of the Thunderbolt ports and the USB-C Charge Cable connected to the energy adapter. Note: With the USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable and the non-obligatory 70W USB-C Power Adapter, you could rapid fee the MacBook Air with M2 chip as much as 50 percent in round 30 minutes.

Why can not i charge my MacBook Air?

Check the hardware. Your Mac computer may not be charging due to an problem with the battery, strength adapter or different bodily hardware. Check the battery circumstance: Your Mac laptop may not be charging due to an issue with the battery. All rechargeable batteries become less effective as they age.


What It Means:

The end wraps up the manual by summarising the important thing factors. It reminds you that while the five strategies may be helpful in a pinch, they are not everlasting solutions. The respectable Apple charger is constantly the safest and most dependable option for “How to Charge MacBook Air without Charger”

Key Phrases Explained:

  • “Five alternative strategies”: This refers to the distinct approaches you can use to price your MacBook Air when you don’t have a professional charger. These strategies are intended for emergency situations.
  • “When you’re in a jam”: This is an idiom that means while you’re in a hard state of affairs. In this context, it refers to times when you urgently need to charge your MacBook Air but do not have a legitimate charger.
  • “Temporary answers”: This emphasizes that the strategies ought to no longer replace using the reputable charger for lengthy-term use.
  • “For fine overall performance and protection”: This approach is for your MacBook Air to work at its first class, and to make certain it’s secure, you usually need to use a professional Apple charger.
  • “Stay charged and live efficient!”: This is a catchy way to say keep your MacBook Air charged so you can retain to paintings or do something you need to do.
  • “This Blog is for informational purposes handiest.” This is a disclaimer stating that the manual is meant to offer statistics but must not be considered expert recommendations.
  • Use these methods at your personal danger”: This is some other disclaimer, warning you that if you make a decision to use those alternative strategies, you’re doing so in your own danger. There may be capacity downsides or dangers.
  • Always prioritize the use of the official Apple charger”: This is the very last reminder that the excellent way to rate your MacBook Air is by means of the usage of the charger that Apple offers.
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