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How to Enable Macbook Smooth Scrolling | Details


What is smooth scrolling on a MacBook? And why does smooth scrolling matter? How to make a MacBook smooth scroll? How to enable MacBook smooth scrolling

Smooth scrolling on a MacBook refers to making it very smooth when you are scrolling through the large web pages. I recently upgraded to macOS from Windows and one of the things that I miss is smooth scrolling on Mac. Especially when I’m scrolling through large web pages with the help of a mouse. I don’t know why Apple doesn’t offer Smooth Scrolling and the Logitech mouse that I used with my MacBook doesn’t offer Smooth Scrolling. But don’t worry, in this guide we will learn how to enable and disable smooth scrolling.

What is Smooth Scrolling?

Smooth Scrolling is a feature for web pages that allows the user to scroll very smoothly while navigating across the webpages. The use of This feature is very wide because the normal scrolling is rough and irritating for a lot of the users who read long pages on the websites.

Smooth scroll enables the user to do his work effectively and easily. If you are a reader and you read long pages on the websites. Smooth scrolling is very beneficial to you. By enabling smooth scroll you can scroll long web pages smoothly and without any irritation. 

Enabling and Disabling Smooth Scrolling on a MacBook

The MacBook doesn’t offer smooth scrolling. Fortunately, you can enable or disable smooth scrolling on a MacBook with the help of these free apps. These two apps are available for MacBook smooth scrolling with the help of these two apps you can easily enable smooth scrolling on MacBook

  2. MacBook Smooth Scroll 

Both of these apps are free and offer you to enable smooth scrolling.

Steps to Enable Smooth Scrolling

  1. Download one of the apps which are given above.
  2. After downloading the next step is to install the downloaded App.
  3. After installing the app, open it. 
  4. Log in or sign up to them.

Benefits of installing MOS:

  1. You can Take Full Control to Your Mouse on MacBook
  2. You can Scroll Smoother Than Ever
  3. You can Manage your Programs Independently.
  4. Easy to use and free of cost.

Benefits of installing Smooth Scroll:

  1. Saves your eyes with a fluid, natural smooth scroll animation
  2. Saves your fingers from repetitive strain injury with smooth scroll acceleration.
  3. Saves your family and friends by yelling less at your MacBook.
  4. Set custom smooth scroll speed or even you can disable it if you need
  5. Easy  to use with a great default settings, but also have customizable scroll animation

Steps to Disable Smooth Scrolling 

If you want to disable smooth scrolling from your MacBook. Simply uninstall that app you installed for smooth scrolling, to uninstall follow these step:

  1. Press and hold Option key,
  2. Click and hold any smooth scroll app that you want to uninstall until it  starts jiggling. 
  3. Click the Del button next to the app that you want to delete, 
  4. Then click the Delete to confirm. The app will be deleted permanently.

Tips and Tricks for Smooth Scrolling on a MacBook

To work more smoothly, change the setting of the pointer responds as you move your mouse or use the trackpad of your MacBook.

Note: To change trackpad or mouse settings, you must have a trackpad or wireless mouse connected to your MacBook, or be using a MacBook with a built-in trackpad.

Change your tracking speed

Adjust the speed of the pointer of your MacBook when you drag your finger on the trackpad of your MacBook, or the mouse.

  1. On your MacBook, choose the Apple menu  > System Settings, then click  Trackpad or Mouse in the sidebar. 
  2. Drag the “Tracking speed” with a slider on the right.

Tip: If you adjust the slider, try moving the pointer of your MacBook to see the effect of changes.

Change the double-click and scroll speed

  1. On your MacBook, choose Apple menu  > System Settings, then click Accessibility setting in the sidebar.
  2. Click the Pointer Control on the right, then do one of the following:
    • Adjust the speed you must click for your MacBook to recognize double-click: Drag the slider next to change “Double-click speed.”
    • Adjust the speed of content moves when you scroll: Click on the Trackpad Options or Mouse Options , then drag the slider next to change “Scroll speed.”

Use 3rd party Applications:

Use 3rd party applications to enable smooth scrolling. Some of them are:

  1. Smart Scroll
  2. SmoothScroll
  3. SmoothWheel (AMO) 
  4. Scroll 2

These are some applications for smooth scrolling on a MacBook.

Troubleshooting Issues 

Some common problems that occur in enabling smooth scrolling on MacBook:

If a 3rd party application is not working on your  MacBook you have to change the application Use another application which is given above. Your MacBook doesn’t scroll smoothly after installing 3rd party applications you have to reinstall the application and try another one. If by changing the mouse or trackpad setting your MacBook performance reduces you have to seek help from Apple support. Just tell them your issue and follow their instructions. By following their instructions you can easily solve your problem. Here is the Apple support official website. 

Advanced Techniques and Tools

Advanced smooth scrolling techniques on a MacBook can improve  your overall user experience when  you are navigating through web pages.Here are some advanced techniques for smooth scrolling:

  • Adjust Trackpad Or Mouse Settings:

Go to “System Preferences” > “Accessibility” > “Mouse & Trackpad.”

Customize scrolling options like scroll speed and sensitivity about your experience for smoother scrolling.

  • Use the Multi-Touch Gestures:

Use multi-touch gestures on the MacBook trackpad. For multi gestures check Apple 

Use Scrolling Reverser (for Inverted Scrolling):

  • Browser Extensions for Smooth Scrolling:

Some of the web browsers, such as Google Chrome, offer extensions like “SmoothScroll” that provide Smooth scrolling options.

  • Reduce Your Mac System Resource Usage:

Make sure that your MacBook doesn’t have too many background applications running.

  • Enable MacBook GPU Acceleration:

Sometimes, enabling GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration in your web browser settings can improve smooth scrolling performance of web pages.

  • Use HTML5:

Flash content may cause laggy scrolling. Opt for HTML5 content when available, as it enables smooth scrolling.

  • Update Your Operating System and Apps:

 Make sure that your macOS and applications are updated, as software updates include performance improvements.

  • Use Safari for macOS:

Safari for macOS  offers smoother scrolling performance compared to other browsers.

  • Adjust Chrome Flags (if you are using Google Chrome):

From Google Chrome, you can access more effective features by typing “chrome://flags/” in the address bar. Search for Smooth Scrolling or Scroll Anchoring and try out.

  • Check for Background Processes:

Open your “Activity Monitor”  check for any background processes that are affecting your scrolling performance. 

  • Reset NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory)  or SMC:

If you are surfing from severe performance issues, that refers to resetting the Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory or  System Management Controller on your MacBook. These resets can improve your scrolling.


In conclusion, MacBook smooth scrolling , We learned all the steps for smooth scrolling. We discussed some 3rd party applications and advanced techniques for smooth scrolling on a MacBook. We covered all the hardware and software issues for smooth scrolling on MacBook. And also covered some issues for smooth scrolling and their solutions.


How to Enable MacBook Smooth scrolling?

To enable Smooth Scrolling on MacBook Use 3rd party softwares like MOS. 3rd party apps allow you to scroll smoothly when navigating through web pages, documents and other contents.

How to disable Smooth Scrolling on MacBook?

To disable smooth scrolling simply Uninstall the Smooth scrolling Application that you installed.

What Does 3rd Party Apps Effects on Smooth Scrolling?

3rd party apps allow you to scroll smoothly when navigating through the web pages and other documents.

What Does Smooth Scrolling Effects on MacBook?

Smooth scrolling allows your MacBook to navigate smoothly through the web pages and documents.

Where to Find Smooth Scrolling Apps?

You can easily find 3rd party apps for smooth scrolling on google and on any other browser like safari and mozilla firefox. 

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