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“Where Is Power Button on Asus Laptop: A Comprehensive Guide”

Finding where is power button on ASUS laptop can be one of its most basic yet essential functions, regardless if you are new or experienced with them. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss where is power button located as well as any issues regarding its usage for an enjoyable power-up experience.

Where is Power Button on Asus Laptop

Locating Where Is Power Button on Asus Laptop:

An ASUS laptop power button can usually be found either near its top edge or side edge; its exact placement varies according to which model of laptop it belongs to, so let’s explore some common locations:

Above the Keyboard:

In many ASUS laptops designed for everyday use, the power button can often be found directly above the keyboard – often integrated into its top-right corner alongside its display hinge.

On the Side Panel:

 Some ASUS laptops feature their power button on either of their side panels – you might find it on either the left or right, near other essential ports such as USB or HDMI. Make sure to inspect both sides if it’s not immediately apparent.

ASUS gaming laptops often incorporate their power button seamlessly into the keyboard itself, with keys showing unique symbols or illumination as indicators for which one they represent as power buttons. Look out for keys with this signature feature when searching.

Touchpad-Mounted Buttons:

ASUS ultrabooks and sleek models may feature their power button located directly on the touchpad, making for an inconspicuous yet potentially hazardous setup. Be careful to not mistake this small button for part of the actual touchpad surface!

If you are having difficulty with finding or accessing the power button of your ASUS laptop, please refer to your user manual for guidance and be careful when handling it as this could lead to unintended shutdowns or damage.

Troubleshooting Power Button Issues.

Now let’s address an ongoing problem – what to do if your ASUS laptop power button stops functioning correctly. Here are some steps that may help:

Check For Physical Damage

In order to ensure the smooth functioning of your ASUS laptop’s power button, it’s critical that it undergoes inspection for physical damage. Here’s an overview on what signs to look out for and steps you should take if any are detected:

Examine Visually:

Before inspecting, carefully examine your power button for cracks, chips or other abnormalities on its surface.

Press Receptiveness:

 Gently press the power button. A satisfying click should respond. If it feels mushy or nonresponsive, this could indicate an issue underlying.


 Certain ASUS laptops include illuminated power buttons; make sure the illumination remains steady without flickering or dimming over time.

Examine The Surrounding Area:

 Before powering on, carefully examine the area surrounding the power button for any signs of damage such as cracks in its casing.

If any physical damage to a power button or its surroundings occurs, it’s imperative that it’s addressed promptly in order to avoid additional problems. Here’s what can be done:

Contact ASUS Customer Support:

 Are You Under Warranty Or Extended Warrant Plan? For guidance or repairs/replacements with your ASUS laptop or an extended warranty plan. Reach Out Now To ASUS’ Support for Repair or Replacement!

Professional Repair:

For non-warranty laptop repairs and assessments, visit an ASUS service center authorized to conduct professional evaluation and repairs.

Be mindful that early intervention with physical damage to your ASUS laptop’s power button can prevent more severe issues later and prolong its longevity.

Hard Reset Your ASUS Laptop:

 When your ASUS laptop’s power button is misbehaving unexpectedly, performing a hard reset may provide the solution to its ill functioning. Here’s a brief guide detailing what this action entails and its results:

Disconnect All Power Sources:

 First, unplug your laptop from its power source. If possible, remove its battery as this ensures an uninterrupted disconnect with any source of electricity.

Press And Hold The Power Button:

 With all power sources disconnected, press and hold your laptop’s power button for 15-20 seconds until any residual electrical charges from its components have dissipated. This extended press helps flush away any residual charge in its components.

Reconnect And Power On:

After pressing and releasing the power button. Reconnect your laptop to its power source either by plugging it back in or reinserting its battery pack, before trying to turn on as normal.

Hard resets may help resolve minor glitches and restore power button functionality; if that fails to solve it, further troubleshooting steps or professional assistance may need to be pursued.

Update Your Drivers:

Outdated or incompatible drivers may be the source of power button issues on an ASUS laptop. Here’s why and how updating them can be important:

Driver Functioning:

Drivers serve as intermediaries between your laptop’s hardware and software. So when they become outdated or incompatible they can affect various functions on it such as power button operations.

Access Device Manager:

In order to update drivers, right-clicking on the Start button and selecting “Device Manager” will bring up a window listing all of your laptop’s physical components.

Locate Power Button Driver:

In Device Manager, locate the category related to your laptop’s power management or keyboard and right-clicking on any driver associated with power buttons is to update them with “Update driver.”

Automatic Or Manual Update:

Windows provides users with two ways of searching for updates; automatically or manually. In most instances, automatically scanning for driver updates should suffice.

Follow On-Screen Instructions:

If there are updates available, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver update process.

Reboot Your Laptop:

After updating drivers, restarting your laptop is an ideal practice to ensure the changes take effect effectively. This ensures the updates take hold and have full impact.

Regular updates of ASUS laptop drivers may help ensure proper functionality, including its power button. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, other troubleshooting steps or professional help may need to be explored or professional advice sought out for.

Where is Power Button on Asus Laptop


Understanding where is power button on ASUS laptop is critical to its proper and trouble-free usage. By Following Tips, You Can Solve Your Power Button Issues. When handling your power button carefully; should any persist seek professional advice if problems remain – happy computing!

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