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How to Remove Battery on ASUS Laptop: Step-By-Step Guide


In this detailed manual, we can discover the step-by-step” How to Remove Battery on ASUS Laptop?” Whether you are looking to replace a faulty battery for asus laptop, upgrade your laptop additives, or ease your laptop’s internals, knowing how to get rid of the battery successfully is critical to saving you damage in your tool.

Preparing for Battery Removal 

Before you embark on the battery elimination journey, preparing competently is crucial. Here’s what you need to do:

1.Gather Your Tools and Materials

First and foremost, ensure you have all of the essential equipment and materials to hand. You will need:

  • Phillips-head Screwdriver: This device is essential for beginning your laptop’s case.
  • Anti-Static Wrist Strap: Wearing an anti static wrist strap will help save your static strength from unfavorable your laptop’s sensitive components.
  • A Clean and Well-Lit Workspace: Find a clean, muddle-unfastened, and nicely-lit place to paint on your Laptop. A clean workspace will assist you in preserving the music of small screws and additives.
  • Your ASUS Laptop: Ensure your Laptop is powered off and disconnected from any external devices, consisting of the strength adapter. Safety always comes first.

2. Locating the Battery Compartment 

Once you’ve collected your gear and installed your workspace, it is time to discover the asus laptop battery location. The battery compartment’s region may also vary depending on your Laptop’s model. However, it is usually observed on the lowest facet of the laptop.

Look for a cowl with screws securing it in the area. These screws keep the battery cowl in position and want to be eliminated to get admission to the battery.

3. Unscrewing the Battery Cover 

With the battery cowl diagnosed, it’s time to unscrew it. Follow these steps cautiously:

  • Using your Phillips-head screwdriver, gently and systematically unscrew the screws securing the battery cowl. Be positive to maintain the screws in a secure area, as you’ll need them while reassembling your laptop.
  • As you get rid of each screw, be aware of its vicinity. Laptop screws can range in length and form, so organizing them will make reassembly much smoother.

4. Removing the Battery Cover 

You can cast off the battery cover once you’ve correctly unscrewed the necessary screws. Here are a few vital hints:

  • Gently raise the battery cowl far away from the Laptop’s body. Avoid the usage of excessive force; it should come off quickly as soon as all of the screws have been eliminated.
  • Be aware of any clips or tabs that may keep the duvet in the region. These can vary depending on the Laptopversion, so examine the cover cautiously as you remove it.

With the battery cover eliminated, you will have clear access to the laptop’s battery.

5. Disconnecting the Battery 

Now that you have gotten admission to the battery, it is time to disconnect it from the laptop’s motherboard. Follow these steps carefully to ensure disconnection:

Identify the Battery Connector

Inside the battery compartment, you will discover the battery connected to the motherboard via a connector. This connector can vary in layout; however, it is usually a tiny, rectangular factor.

Disconnecting the Battery

  • Carefully hold the battery connector, ensuring you do not pull on the cable.
  • Gently but firmly disconnect the battery by pulling the connector far away from the motherboard. Use your fingertips or a non-metallic device, but avoid using metallic gear, as they can potentially cause electric damage.
  • If the connector feels stuck, do not force it. Check for any clips or locking mechanisms that can want to be released earlier than the connector may be accurately detached.

These steps ensure the battery is disconnected from the laptop’s electrical circuit.

6. Removing the Battery 

With the battery effectively disconnected from the motherboard, you could now continue to eliminate it from the laptop completely. Here’s how:

  • Gently elevate or slide the battery out of its compartment. Ensure that you maintain a steady grip and avoid sudden actions that damage the battery or different components.
  • Place the eliminated battery in a safe and steady place. If you intend to update it, set it apart for the reassembly technique.

7. Reassembling Your Laptop 

If you are not changing the battery immediately, you may need to reassemble your Laptop to maintain its integrity. Follow the steps:

  • Carefully roll the battery cover onto the laptop’s body again, ensuring it aligns efficaciously with any clips or tabs.
  • Begin screwing inside the screws you removed earlier. Ensure each screw is in an appropriate region, as identified for the duration of the disassembly technique.
  • Tighten the screws gently and evenly to avoid setting unnecessary strain on the Laptop’s case.
  • Once the battery cover is securely in place, your laptop is ready for use or any additional renovation you could want to perform.


How to remove a cmos battery?

The BIOS (CMOS) battery shops continual reminiscence for BIOS and the Date/Time/Location settings in your console. Removing this battery and putting it returned in will cause those capabilities to reset to defaults. Unless otherwise altered through a give up person, the BIOS settings for your console are also the default settings.

how to remove motherboard battery?

The BIOS (CMOS) battery shops continual reminiscence for BIOS and the Date/Time/Location settings in your console. Removing this battery and putting it returned in will cause those capabilities to reset to defaults. Unless otherwise altered through a give up person, the BIOS settings for your console are also the default settings.

Where is the cmos battery located?

The CMOS battery is within the laptop and attached to the device board (motherboard). CMOS battery life varies based on the usage and surroundings of the Laptop (commonly round 2-3 years)

How much does an asus battery replacement cost?

Laptop Model NameApprox. Cost
Asus TUF30.10$ to 60.20$
Asus Vivobook27.70$ to 55$
Asus ROG Zephyrus21.67$ to 42.15$ 
Asus Expertbook42.15$ to 72.25 $


In conclusion, “How to Remove Battery on ASUS Laptop?” is a treasured ability for any Laptop proprietor. Whether you’re seeking to replace a faulty battery or carry out preservation on your laptop’s inner additives, following the perfect technique is essential to save you harm. Always ensure your Laptop is powered off and disconnected before trying to cast off the battery and take precautions to protect against static strength discharge.

If you need more clarification about any steps or encounter difficulties during the process, check your laptop’s consumer manual for particular steerage or seek expert help to avoid any capability mishaps.

For more excellent, in-depth facts on ASUS laptop maintenance, battery replacement, and tips for optimizing your laptop’s performance, check out our comprehensive guide on ASUS Laptop Maintenance.

By following this guide carefully, you can adequately and with a bit of luck eliminate the battery from your ASUS Laptop, ensuring that your device serves you well. Happy laptop maintenance!

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